Friday, November 19, 2010

Yesterday was Terminators and Zombies. Today is.. just Zombies

First off, lets start by saying zombies can be pretty bad, but terminators are worse. Zombies lurch at you slowly, are rapid, and try to surround you and tear you apart. A terminator on the other hand is a killing machine communicating with every other killing machine on the battlefield, eagle eye views of the battlefield, Skynet, infra red vision, plasma guns, all wrapped up in a metal endoskeleton.

Of course, there are magic zombies (Left 4 Dead), or super science zombies, ala Residence Evil (movies)- both of which are scary and could kill me outright. But, even those don't hold anything over a terminator. Girlfriend S is in love with zombies (more on that later), and we feel the need to bicker about which would be a more dismal future, a zombie, or robot Apocalypse. Lets have a side by size comparison:

And... one hour later i've decided a Left 4 Dead vs. Terminator match up is pointless- how can:

Match up to:

I rest my case for now.